Module: @accessors-hosts/browser/test/regressionTestScript

Automatic test script for the browser host, using node.js execution platform. This script: Starts the test server (for serving accessor files), Loads and runs composite accessor test files, Loads and runs Mocha test files, And saves the result to a file.

The script will search for an open port to start the test server on. This script currently requires the Firefox browser.

To run:

  1. Install the selenium-webdriver module: npm install -g selenium-webdriver

  2. Create the ../../../../reports/junit directory: mkdir -p ../../../../reports/junit

  3. Run the tests: node regressionTestScript.js

    The Firefox driver is installed by default. For other browsers, install the driver and edit the script to refer to your preferred browser. NOTE: The default driver is NOT compatible with Firefox versions 47 and up.

    Results will be printed to the console, and saved at: /accessors/web/reports/junit/browserTestResults.xml

    For more details and examples, please see the wiki:

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  • Beth Osyk


(inner) RegressionTester

A class for running regression tests in the browser. This class starts a web server, starts the selenium browser driver, then runs tests in the accessor tree. Please see: