Accessor: services/FINDLocation


Obtain a labeled location from a WiFi fingerprint using a FIND server.

Additional documentation for the FIND API is at The basic unit in FIND for a map or a set of users is a group. This accessor will only work if the group is set to the same string as used in training.

The username input provides a consistent label for a user who wishes to be tracked by the FIND server. If you don't care about tracking, the default value is fine.

The wifi-fingerprint input should be a JSON array of the form "wifi-fingerprint":[ { "mac":"AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA", "rssi":-45 }, { "mac":"BB:BB:BB:BB:BB:BB", "rssi":-55 } ]

Documentation for setting up a FIND (FRAMEWORK FOR INTERNAL NAVIGATION AND DISCOVERY) server is available at The default parameters for this accessor connect to a server on The developers for the FIND project also manage a publicly available server at

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  • Matt Weber
Name Type Description
wifiFingerprint JSON An array of RSSI values for accesspoint mac addresses. Triggers a request to the FIND server. See format above.
server string The address of the FIND server.
port integer The port for the FIND server.
group string The group corresponding to the set of users and training data to be used for localization.
username string The username this user will have associated with the history of their positions on the server. This value only matters if you are interested in tracking users on the server.
Name Type Description
location string The location estimate corresponding to the wifiFingerprint, for example "Office 123". This value will be set to null if the location could not be found.
response JSON An object containing the full response from the FIND server.


(static) filterResponse()

Filter the response, extracting the addresses


(static) setup()

Set up the accessor by defining the inputs and outputs.