Accessor: localization/Location


This accessor reads sensor and location data from a location host

The accessor makes REST GET requests to a location host to obtain sensor and location data. The type of data requested is defined by the dataType parameter. Possible values for the dataType parameter are:

  • "ibeacon": Fetches region UUID, major, minor, range, proximity and RSSI values of nearby iBeacons.
  • "alps": Fetches ALPS region ID, transmitter IDs, TOA and RSSI values of nearby ALPS transmitters.
  • "imu": Fetches pedometer and heading values.
  • "wifi": Fetches SSIDs, BSSIDs and RSSI values from nearby WiFi hotspots.
  • "all": Fetches all of the above data at once

All outputs are JSON formatted and contain UNIX timestamps of when the data was acquired by the location host.

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  • Patrick Lazik, Contributor: Edward A. Lee


(static) setup()

Define inputs and outputs.