Accessor: services/RedPinLocation


This accessor obtains the location corresponding to a WiFi fingerprint from a RedPin localalization server The RedPin server must first be configured with a map and trained with (fingerprint, location) matchings before it can be used with this accessor. For now, the easiest way to accomplish this is by walking around and tagging locations with the RedPin Android app available at Unfortunately, the iPhone app has difficulty obtaining fingerprint values from the phone.

This accessor is triggered by an input to the wifiReadings input, at which time a getLocation action is sent to the RedPin server over a raw TCP socket with specified host URL and port. These values default to those for the RedPin server running at "" on port 8090. Upon receiving a response from the server, the accessor parses out the "symbolicID" and "mapName" fields and outputs them on the location and MapName outputs respectively.

It appears the RedPin server doesn't validate its input and will return a location response to this accessor even if the wifiReadings array is ill formed. However, this accessor will raise an error if an element of the wifiReadings array is missing a field.

To obtain WiFi scan data on a mac, you can use the command line tool $/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -s

The format of the wifiReadings parameter is consistent with the RedPin interface specification at for the "getLocation" action. E.g. [{ "ssid": "AirBears2", "bssid": "e8:65:49:e9:16:3b", "wepEnabled": false, "rssi": -88, "isInfrastructure": true }, {...} ]. This input triggers a raw TCP socket connection to the RedPin server running at host and port.

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  • Matt Weber and Edward A. Lee
Name Type Description
wifiReadings A JSON string array of RSSI readings. See the comment above.
host string The IP address or domain name of the RedPin server. Defaults to '' for the Berkeley server.
port int The port on the RedPin server to connect to. Defaults to 8090 for the Berkeley server.
Name Type Description
mapName string The name of the map determined by the RedPin server to be the best fit for wifiReadings.
location string The symbolic name of the location determined by the RedPin server to be the best match for wifiReadings according to its kNN/SVM algorithm.