Accessor: devices/DrDose


This accessor controls acid, base, and nutrient dosing for your garden. When a duration in miliseconds is sent to the accessor, it doses the corresponding type of fluid. As of this time, simultaneous dosing commands will be send independtly in some arbitrary order.

This accessor reacts to a symbol input by issuing a query to a web server for the most recent trade prices of the common stock whose symbol is given by the input. When the server replies, this accessor produces the most recent trade price on the price output.

This accessor does not block waiting for the response, but if any additional symbol input is received before a pending request has received a response or timed out, then the new request will be queued and sent out only after the pending request has completed. This strategy ensures that outputs are produced in the same order as the input requests.

This accessor requires the optional 'httpClient' module, which may or may not be provided by an accessor host. Most hosts will provide this module.

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Name Type Description
Acid number Duration The desired dosing time in miliseconds.
Base number Duration The desired dosing time in miliseconds.
Nutrient number Duration The desired dosing time in miliseconds.
Name Type Description
Response string Confirmation from Dr. Dose that it has received the request.


(static) initialize()

Initialize the accessor by attaching an input handler to the symbol input.


(static) setup()

Set up the accessor by defining the inputs and outputs.