Accessor: image/ImageFilter


Filter images provided at the input and produce modified images on the output.

This accessor requires an 'imageFilters' module implemented on the accessor host. The filters that are available will depend on the particular host implementation of this module and will be provided as select alternatives for the 'filter' parameter. The options that each filter can accept will also depend on the module implementation on the host. The filters that are implemented by the Ptolemy II host and their options are documented in the imageFilters module

Demos for these filters can be found in the Ptolemy II tree at $PTII/ptolemy/actor/lib/jjs/modules/imageFilters/demo/ImageFilters

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  • Edward A. Lee
Name Type Description
input The image to filter.
options JSON The options controlling the filter.
Name Type Description
output The filtered image.
Name Type Description
filter string The filter to apply.