Accessor: utilities/LocalStorage


Save and retrieve a value from local storage.

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  • Christopher Brooks, based on KeyValueStore by Edward A. Lee and LocalStorage demo by Hokeun Kim.
Name Type Description
baseDirectory string The directory in which to store the data If there is no value used, then the default value is /tmp/LocalStorage where is a random number.
storeLocation string The URL of the key-value store service. The storeLocation is converted into a legal filename via substitution
key string The key to be updated or retrieved.
list boolean If true, then generate a list of all the keys and values on the result.
remove boolean If true, then remove the key from the store; otherwise, retrieve the value for the key.
value string The value to store in the key-value store, or empty to not store anything.
trigger The trigger input.
Name Type Description
notFound boolean True if the key was not found.
result string The value retrieved from or written to the key-value store.
debug string Debug messages.


(inner) currentStatus()

Return the contents of the store.


the contents of the store.