Accessor: services/HostCompatability


Check Host Compatability of an accessor by performing a SPARQL query on a semantic repository such as GraphDB.

This accessor works by querying an Accessor and Host Ontology for the modules required by the accessor and the modules implemented by the given host.

See SemanticRepositoryQuery accessor documenation for additional documentation on SPARQL queries and setting up a semantic repository.

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  • Matt Weber
Name Type Description
accessorName string The full name of the accessor (including the directory and .js at the end). Eg. Services/HostCompatability.js.
Name Type Description
compatible boolean True if all the accessor's required modules are implemented by the given host. False otherwise.
Name Type Description
accessorHostName string The name of the accessor host to be compared with accessorName. The special value 'ThisHost' will cause this accessor to use the getHostName function to determine the name of the accessor host for comparison.
host string The URL for the semantic repository.
port string The port for the semantic repository.
repositoryName string The name of the particular repository on the host.
timeout int The amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for a response before triggering a null response and an error. This defaults to 20000.


(static) setup()

Set up the accessor by defining the inputs and outputs.