Accessor: net/MQTTSubscriber


Subscribe to MQTT protocol messages. MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol. The brokerHost and brokerPort parameters specify the IP address and port of an MQTT broker, such as Mosquito. When a connection to the broker is established, a message will be produced on the connection output. To subscribe to a topic, provide the topic name to the subscribe input. If you send multiple topics to this input, it will subscribe to all the specified topics. To subscribe to all topics provided by the broker, give # as the topic name. To unsubscribe to a topic, provide the topics name to the unsubscribe input.

This accessor requires the 'mqtt' module.

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  • Hokeun Kim, contributor: Christopher Brooks
Name Type Description
subscribe The topic name to which to subscribe. Use # to subscribe to all topics.
unsubscribe A topic to unsubscribe from.
Name Type Description
connection Output on which a string is sent when a connection to the broker has been established.
subscription Output on which a string is sent when a subscription is initiated or terminated.
received Output on which received data is produced.
receivedTopic Output indicating the topic of received data.