Accessor: trusted/AccessorStatus


Accessor that outputs the current status of all top-level accessors.

Upon receiving a query input, this accessor outputs an array of objects, one for each top-level accessor. Each object has the following fields:

  • accessorName: The name of the accessor.
  • accessorClass: The class of the accessor, e.g. net/REST.
  • initialized: True if the accessor has been initialized and not wrapped up.

If the monitoringInterval parameter has value greater than zero, then after initialization, this accessor turns on monitoring of the execution of top-level accessors. At the time interval specified by monitoringInterval it will output on the monitor port the current monitoring information. It will also send to the console the final monitoring information in wrapup. Note that this accessor is not able to measure the initialization time of other accessors because some will have already been initialized when this one is initialized and some will not have been. Hence, it turns on monitoring after initialization using a delayed execution.

This accessor can only be used in a host that allows trusted accessors. Trusted accessors must have class names beginning with 'trusted/' and are allowed to invoke the function getTopLevelAccessors() to obtain access to peer accessors.

FIXME: This is really just a bare minimum starting point for monitoring.

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  • Edward A. Lee
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