Accessor: net/UDPSocketSender


This accessor sends UDP (datagram) messages to the specified destination address and port.

The send type can be any of those supported by the host. The list of supported types will be provided as options for the sendType parameter. For the Ptolemy II host, these include at least 'string', 'number', 'image', and a variety of numeric types.

Note that UDP, unlike TCP, has the notion of a "message" (a datagram). A message can contain more than one byte. The receiveType determines the type of the elements sent by this accessor

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  • Hokeun Kim and Edward A. Lee, Contributor: Christopher Brooks
Name Type Description
toSend The message to send.
destinationAddress string The host name or IP address to send to. This defaults to "localhost".
destinationPort int The port to send to. This defaults to 8084.
Name Type Description
sendType string See above.