Class WithIconGraphController

    • Field Detail

      • _editIconAction

        protected static final EditIconAction _editIconAction
        The edit custom icon action.
      • _removeIconAction

        protected static final RemoveIconAction _removeIconAction
        The remove custom icon action.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WithIconGraphController

        public WithIconGraphController()
        Create a new controller.
    • Method Detail

      • getNewPortLocation

        public static double[] getNewPortLocation​(GraphPane pane,
                                                  BasicGraphFrame frame,
                                                  IOPort _prototype)
        Get a location for a port that hasn't got a location yet.
        pane - The GraphPane.
        frame - The BasicGraphFrame.
        _prototype - The port.
        The location.
      • _createControllers

        protected void _createControllers()
        Create the controllers for nodes in this graph. In this base class, a port controller with PARTIAL access is created. This is called by the constructor, so derived classes that override this must be careful not to reference local variables defined in the derived classes, because the derived classes will not have been fully constructed by the time this is called.
        _createControllers in class BasicGraphController
      • initializeInteraction

        protected void initializeInteraction()
        Initialize all interaction on the graph pane. This method is called by the setGraphPane() method of the superclass. This initialization cannot be done in the constructor because the controller does not yet have a reference to its pane at that time. Regrettably, the canvas is not yet associated with the GraphPane, so you can't do any initialization that involves the canvas.
        initializeInteraction in class BasicGraphController