Class BasicGraphController.SchematicContextMenuFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • SchematicContextMenuFactory

        public SchematicContextMenuFactory​(GraphController controller)
        Create a new context menu factory associated with the specified controller.
        controller - The controller.
    • Method Detail

      • _getObjectFromFigure

        protected NamedObj _getObjectFromFigure​(Figure source)
        Description copied from class: PtolemyMenuFactory
        Return the Ptolemy object that the given figure represents. In this base class, we assume that the figure is attached to a a diva.graph.model object, and that object is attached to the correct ptolemy object. In many cases, this is not the case, and you will have to override this function.
        _getObjectFromFigure in class PtolemyMenuFactory
        source - The figure.
        The Ptolemy object that the given figure represents.