Class BasicGraphController

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    GraphController, DebugListener, ValueListener
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    EditIconGraphController, WithIconGraphController

    public abstract class BasicGraphController
    extends AbstractGraphController
    implements DebugListener, ValueListener
    A base class for Ptolemy II graph controllers. This extends the base class with an association with a configuration. The configuration is central to a Ptolemy GUI, and is used by derived classes to perform various functions such as opening models or their documentation. The class also provides a strategy pattern interface for a controller to add commands to the menu or toolbar of the frame it is controlling.
    Ptolemy II 2.0
    Steve Neuendorffer and Edward A. Lee
    Red (johnr)
    Red (eal)
    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicGraphController

        public BasicGraphController()
        Create a new basic controller.
    • Method Detail

      • clearAllErrorHighlights

        public void clearAllErrorHighlights()
        Request a change that clears all the error highlights.
      • highlightError

        public void highlightError​(Nameable culprit)
        Highlight the specified object and all its containers to indicate that it is the source of an error.
        culprit - The culprit.
      • addToMenuAndToolbar

        public void addToMenuAndToolbar​(javax.swing.JMenu menu,
                                        javax.swing.JToolBar toolbar)
        Add commands to the specified menu and toolbar, as appropriate for this controller. In this base class, nothing is added.
        menu - The menu to add to, or null if none.
        toolbar - The toolbar to add to, or null if none.
      • clearAnimation

        public void clearAnimation()
        Clear any animation highlight that might currently be active.
      • event

        public void event​(DebugEvent event)
        React to an event. This base class does nothing.
        Specified by:
        event in interface DebugListener
        event - The debug event.
      • getAnimationDelay

        public long getAnimationDelay()
        Get the time delay for animation. After highlighting, derived classes are expected to sleep for the specified amount of time, in milliseconds.
        The animation delay set by setAnimationDelay().
        See Also:
      • getConfigureMenuFactory

        public MenuActionFactory getConfigureMenuFactory()
        Return the configuration menu factory.
        The configuration menu factory.
      • getFrame

        public BasicGraphFrame getFrame()
        Get the graph frame, or null if there is none. This is used by some of the controllers to mark the modified bit of the frame and to update any dependents.
        The graph frame, or null if there is none.
        See Also:
      • getNodeController

        public NodeController getNodeController​(java.lang.Object object)
        Return the node controller appropriate for the given object. In this base class, the method checks to see whether the object is an instance of Locatable and contains a NodeControllerFactory (which is an attribute). If it does, then it invokes that factory to create a node controller. Otherwise, it returns null.
        Specified by:
        getNodeController in interface GraphController
        Specified by:
        getNodeController in class AbstractGraphController
        object - The object to get a controller for.
        A custom node controller if there is one, and null otherwise.
      • message

        public void message​(java.lang.String message)
        React to a debug message. This base class does nothing.
        Specified by:
        message in interface DebugListener
        message - The message.
      • setAnimationDelay

        public void setAnimationDelay​(long time)
        Set the time delay for animation. After highlighting, derived classes are expected to sleep for the specified amount of time, in milliseconds. If this method is not called, or is called with argument 0, then no delay is introduced.
        time - Time to sleep, in milliseconds.
        See Also:
      • setConfiguration

        public void setConfiguration​(Configuration configuration)
        Set the configuration. This is used by some of the controllers when opening files or URLs. The configuration is checked for a "_getDocumentationActionDocPreference", which, if present, is an integer that is passed to GetDocumentationAction(int). This attribute is used to select the Kepler-specific KeplerDocumentationAttribute.
        configuration - The configuration.
        See Also:
      • setFigure

        public void setFigure​(java.lang.Object semanticObject,
                              Figure figure)
        Set the figure associated with the given semantic object, and if that semantic object is Settable, then set up a value listener so that if its value changes, then the valueChanged() method is invoked. The semantic object is normally an attribute that implements the Locatable interface, and the value indicates the location of the object. A null figure clears the association.
        Specified by:
        setFigure in interface GraphController
        setFigure in class AbstractGraphController
        semanticObject - The semantic object (normally a Locatable).
        figure - The figure.
      • setFrame

        public void setFrame​(BasicGraphFrame frame)
        Set the graph frame. This is used by some of the controllers to mark the modified bit of the frame and to update any dependents.
        frame - The graph frame, or null if there is none.
        See Also:
      • valueChanged

        public void valueChanged​(Settable settable)
        React to the fact that the specified Settable has changed. If the specified Settable implements the Locatable interface, then this method will move the figure and reroute any connections to it. This is done immediately if the caller is in the Swing event thread, but otherwise is deferred to the event thread.
        Specified by:
        valueChanged in interface ValueListener
        settable - The object that has changed value.
      • _addHotKeys

        protected void _addHotKeys​(JGraph jgraph)
        Add hot keys to the actions in the given JGraph.
        jgraph - The JGraph to which hot keys are to be added.
      • _createControllers

        protected void _createControllers()
        Create the controllers for nodes in this graph. In this base class, nothing is created. This is called by the constructor, so derived classes that override this must be careful not to reference local variables defined in the derived classes, because the derived classes will not have been fully constructed by the time this is called.
      • _areThereActiveErrorHighlights

        protected boolean _areThereActiveErrorHighlights()
        Return true if there are active highlights.
        True if the list if error highlights is not empty.
      • _getClearAllErrorHighlightsChangeRequest

        protected ChangeRequest _getClearAllErrorHighlightsChangeRequest()
        Return a change request that clears all the highlights.
        a change request that clears all the highlights.
      • _initializeInteraction

        protected void _initializeInteraction​(NamedObjController controller)
        Initialize interactions for the specified controller. This method is called when a new controller is constructed. This base class does nothing, but derived classes may attach interactors to the specified controller.
        controller - The controller for which to initialize interaction.
      • initializeInteraction

        protected void initializeInteraction()
        Initialize all interaction on the graph pane. This method is called by the setGraphPane() method of the superclass. This initialization cannot be done in the constructor because the controller does not yet have a reference to its pane at that time. Regrettably, the canvas is not yet associated with the GraphPane, so you can't do any initialization that involves the canvas.
        Specified by:
        initializeInteraction in class AbstractGraphController