Class NamedObjController

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    public class NamedObjController
    extends LocatableNodeController
    This class extends LocatableNodeController with an association with a configuration. The configuration is central to a Ptolemy GUI, and is used by derived classes to perform various functions such as opening models or their documentation. The class also contains an inner class the specifically supports accessing the documentation for a Ptolemy II object.
    Ptolemy II 2.0
    Edward A. Lee
    Red (johnr)
    Red (eal)
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      • _configuration

        protected Configuration _configuration
        The configuration.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NamedObjController

        public NamedObjController​(GraphController controller)
        Create a node controller associated with the specified graph controller.
        controller - The associated graph controller.
    • Method Detail

      • addHotKeys

        public void addHotKeys​(JGraph jgraph)
        Add hot keys to the actions in the given JGraph. It would be better that this method was added higher in the hierarchy. Now most controllers
        jgraph - The JGraph to which hot keys are to be added.
      • setConfiguration

        public void setConfiguration​(Configuration configuration)
        Set the configuration. This is used in derived classes to to open files (such as documentation). The configuration is is important because it keeps track of which files are already open and ensures that there is only one editor operating on the file at any one time.
        configuration - The configuration.