Visiting Industrial Fellows in iCyPhy

We believe that the best way to transition technology is through the exchange of personnel. In order to facilitate this exchange, provisions for a Visiting Industrial Fellow (VIF) are provided for Partners and Premium Partners.

A VIF is a full-time employee of the Company, paid by the Company, with health insurance and other benefits provided by the Company, who participates in research projects supported with iCyPhy funds at the University of California, Berkeley. If the Company is a member at the Partner or Premium Partner level, then it may request that one VIF participate in iCyPhy at any given time. The Company may nominate a VIF, and iCyPhy approves the nomination if the individual is qualified to participate in iCyPhy research. The VIF will be required to sign the University VIF agreement, which is included in the Industrial Membership Agreement. The Company may request additional VIFs participate in iCyPhy, and iCyPhy will review the request.

A VIF is eligible for all the features the University identifies in the Visiting Industrial Fellow program, such as a University ID card, which gives access to many general facilities commonly available to University employees (such as libraries and sports facilities). VIFs will be provided with a desk, telephone access, and computer networking services. VIFs are also welcome to participate in University and iCyPhy seminars and colloquia.

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