Ptolemy II is an open-source software framework supporting experimentation with actor-oriented design.

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Installing Ptolemy II

Installers for various platforms

Clone and build the source code

This method is preferred because then you can update to the latest version at any time. Install Java 1.8 or newer, install git and then run:

git clone --depth=50 --branch=master --single-branch
cd ptII
export PTII=`pwd`

The last line starts vergil, the Ptolemy II GUI. You may want to export the PTII environment variable in bash profile (or profile for whatever shell you use) and include $PTII/bin in your PATH variable. To update to the current version in the repository after installing as above:

cd $PTII

Resources and documentation

See also

The above two instructions are in the Ptolemy II tree, pulled from the repository via RawGit. For example, the Eclipse instructions are in the tree at $PTII/doc/eclipse/index.htm translate to URL

Windows users, Eclipse is the preferred installation method. If you want to build with Cygwin, see:

See Also