Class ImageIcon

    • Method Detail

      • clone

        public java.lang.Object clone​(Workspace workspace)
                               throws java.lang.CloneNotSupportedException
        Clone the object into the specified workspace. The new object is not added to the directory of that workspace (you must do this yourself if you want it there). The result is an object with no container.
        clone in class DynamicEditorIcon
        workspace - The workspace for the cloned object.
        The new Attribute.
        java.lang.CloneNotSupportedException - Not thrown in this base class
        See Also:
        NamedObj.exportMoML(Writer, int, String), NamedObj.setDeferringChangeRequests(boolean)
      • createBackgroundFigure

        public Figure createBackgroundFigure()
        Create a new default background figure, which is scaled image, if it has been set, or a default image if not. This must be called in the Swing thread, or a concurrent modification exception could occur.
        createBackgroundFigure in class EditorIcon
        A figure representing the specified shape.
      • createIcon

        public javax.swing.Icon createIcon()
        Create a new Swing icon. This overrides the base class to wait until image has been rendered. Otherwise, we get a null pointer exception in Diva, and also the library collapses and has to be re-opened.
        createIcon in class EditorIcon
        A new Swing Icon.
      • imageUpdate

        public boolean imageUpdate​(java.awt.Image image,
                                   int infoflags,
                                   int x,
                                   int y,
                                   int width,
                                   int height)
        This method, which is required by the ImageObserver interface, is called if something has changed in a background loading of the image.
        Specified by:
        imageUpdate in interface java.awt.image.ImageObserver
        image - The image being observed.
        infoflags - The bitwise inclusive OR of the following flags: WIDTH, HEIGHT, PROPERTIES, SOMEBITS, FRAMEBITS, ALLBITS, ERROR, ABORT.
        x - The x coordinate of the image.
        y - The y coordinate of the image.
        width - The width of the image.
        height - The height of the image.
        False if the infoflags indicate that the image is completely loaded; true otherwise.
      • scaleImage

        public void scaleImage​(double percentage)
        Specify a scaling for the image as a percentage.
        percentage - The scaling percentage.
      • setImage

        public void setImage​(java.awt.Image image)
        Specify an image to display. Note that this does not actually result in the image displaying. You must call scaleImage().
        image - The image to display.