Package ptolemy.vergil.basic.layout

Classes used to place entities and relations and to route connections in Vergil. Graph layout support using KIELER, from the University of Kiel. For more detailed information, see the layout help file, accessible by clicking the Help button in the layout configuration dialog (see below).

Graph → Automatic Layout [Ctrl/Cmd-T]

Automatic placement of nodes and routing of edges.

This option uses a new feature of explicitly routing edges by specifying bend points in layoutHints attributes at relations. The additional routing information will be deleted automatically when nodes are moved manually afterwards to allow manual editing. Therefore manual editing always only uses the standard Manhattan router.

Graph → Configure Layout...

The layout configuration dialog allows customizing the layout algorithm's results.

Ptolemy II 8.0
Miro Spoenemann (University of Kiel), Hauke Fuhrmann (University of Kiel), Christoph Daniel Schulze (University of Kiel)