Class PtolemyLayoutAction

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    public class PtolemyLayoutAction
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements IGuiAction
    Trigger the Ptolemy place and route automatic dataflow layout algorithm from withing the Vergil GUI. Operate on the current model, hence the model needs to be an input in the doAction() method.

    The Ptolemy layout mechanism produces layouts that are not as good as the Kieler layout mechanism, so use the @see KielerLayoutMechanism.

    Ptolemy II 10.0
    Christopher Brooks, based on KielerLayoutAction by Christian Motika and BasicGraphFrame by Steve Neuendorffer and Edward A. Lee
    Red (cmot)
    Red (cmot)
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      void doAction​(NamedObj model)
      Layout the graph if the model is a CompositeActor.
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      • PtolemyLayoutAction

        public PtolemyLayoutAction()
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      • doAction

        public void doAction​(NamedObj model)
        Layout the graph if the model is a CompositeActor. Otherwise throw an exception. The frame type must be ActorGraphFrame. The Ptolemy layouter. is called with placing and routing.
        Specified by:
        doAction in interface IGuiAction
        model - the model