Class DocViewerFactory

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    java.lang.Cloneable, Editable, Changeable, Debuggable, DebugListener, Derivable, ModelErrorHandler, MoMLExportable, Moveable, Nameable

    public class DocViewerFactory
    extends EditorFactory
    An attribute that creates an editor to open a doc viewer for its container's container. The usage for this is to put it in a visible attribute. When the user double clicks on the visible attribute or selects Configure from the context menu, this class will open documentation for the container's container. If the container's container doesn't have any documentation, then the user sees a dialog with instructions on how to create the documentation.
    Ptolemy II 5.2
    Edward A. Lee
    Red (johnr)
    Red (eal)
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      • createEditor

        public void createEditor​(NamedObj object,
                                 java.awt.Frame parent)
        Create a doc viewer for the specified object with the specified parent window.
        Specified by:
        createEditor in interface Editable
        Specified by:
        createEditor in class EditorFactory
        object - The object to configure, which is required to an instance of DocAttribute.
        parent - The parent window, which is required to be an instance of TableauFrame.