Class WirelessDirector

    • Constructor Detail

      • WirelessDirector

        public WirelessDirector​(CompositeEntity container,
                                java.lang.String name)
                         throws IllegalActionException,
        Construct a director in the given container with the given name. The container argument must not be null, or a NullPointerException will be thrown. If the name argument is null, then the name is set to the empty string. Increment the version number of the workspace.
        container - Container of the director.
        name - Name of this director.
        IllegalActionException - If the director is not compatible with the specified container.
        NameDuplicationException - If the container not a CompositeActor and the name collides with an entity in the container.
    • Method Detail

      • newReceiver

        public Receiver newReceiver()
        Return a new receiver of a type WirelessReceiver.
        newReceiver in class DEDirector
        A new WirelessReceiver.