Interface RefinementActor

    • Method Detail

      • addRefinement

        void addRefinement​(State state,
                           java.lang.String name,
                           Entity template,
                           java.lang.String className,
                           InstanceOpener instanceOpener)
                    throws IllegalActionException
        Create a refinement for the given state.
        state - The state that will contain the new refinement.
        name - The name of the composite entity that stores the refinement.
        template - The template used to create the refinement, or null if template is not used.
        className - The class name for the refinement, which is used when template is null.
        instanceOpener - The instanceOpener, typically a Configuration, that is used to open the refinement (as a look-inside action) after it is created, or null if it is not needed to open the refinement.
        IllegalActionException - If error occurs while creating the refinement.
      • getRefinedState

        State getRefinedState()
                       throws IllegalActionException
        Return the state (or event, which subclasses state) that this actor refines.
        The state or event that this actor refines.
        IllegalActionException - If thrown while trying to find the refined state or event.
      • setMirrorDisable

        void setMirrorDisable​(int disable)
        Control whether adding a port should be mirrored in the modal model and the mode controller.
        disable - 0 if mirroring should occur, -1 if mirroring should not occur downwards in the hierarchy, 1 if mirroring should not occur upwards in the hierarchy.