Class DDEPutToken

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      • postfire

        public boolean postfire()
        Description copied from class: AtomicActor
        Return true, unless stop() has been called, in which case, return false. Derived classes override this method to define operations to be performed at the end of every iteration of its execution, after one invocation of the prefire() method and any number of invocations of the fire() method. This method typically wraps up an iteration, which may involve updating local state. In derived classes, this method returns false to indicate that this actor should not be fired again.
        Specified by:
        postfire in interface Executable
        postfire in class AtomicActor<TypedIOPort>
        True if execution can continue into the next iteration.
      • setOneArgPut

        public void setOneArgPut​(boolean oneArg)
      • setToken

        public void setToken​(Token token,
                             double time,
                             int cntr)