Class TestTypeListener

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    public class TestTypeListener
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements TypeListener
    This dummy type listener implements the TypeListener interface. It keeps the last type change event information in a String message and returns that message in the getMessage() method. The call to getMessage() clears the message.
    Ptolemy II 0.2
    Yuhong Xiong
    Red (cxh)
    Red (cxh)
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      java.lang.String getMessage()
      Return the last type change message.
      void typeChanged​(TypeEvent event)
      Notify that the type of a port is changed.
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      • TestTypeListener

        public TestTypeListener()
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      • getMessage

        public java.lang.String getMessage()
        Return the last type change message. The message includes the full name of the port, the old type, and the new type, separated by "/". A call to this message also clears the old message. If there is no type change event after the last call, this method returns the String "no type change".
        A String including the type change information.
      • typeChanged

        public void typeChanged​(TypeEvent event)
        Notify that the type of a port is changed.
        Specified by:
        typeChanged in interface TypeListener
        event - The type change event.