Class Source

    • Field Detail

      • output

        public TypedIOPort output
        The output port. The type of this port is unspecified. Derived classes may set it.
      • trigger

        public TypedIOPort trigger
        The trigger port. The type of this port is undeclared, meaning that it will resolve to any data type.
      • _triggered

        protected transient boolean _triggered
        Indicator of whether trigger inputs have arrived since the last output.
    • Method Detail

      • fire

        public void fire()
                  throws IllegalActionException
        Read at most one input token from each channel of the trigger input and discard it. If the trigger input is not connected or has no actual sources (it might be connected to other inputs, for example, or to an unconnected input port at a higher level in the hierarchy) then this method does nothing. Derived classes should be sure to call, or to consume the trigger input tokens themselves, so that they aren't left unconsumed.
        Specified by:
        fire in interface Executable
        fire in class AtomicActor<TypedIOPort>
        IllegalActionException - Not thrown in this base class.
      • prefire

        public boolean prefire()
                        throws IllegalActionException
        If the trigger input is connected and it has no input or an unknown state, then return false. Otherwise, return true.
        Specified by:
        prefire in interface Executable
        prefire in class AtomicActor<TypedIOPort>
        True, unless the trigger input is connected and has no input.
        IllegalActionException - If checking the trigger for a token throws it or if the super class throws it.
      • _customTypeConstraints

        protected java.util.Set<Inequality> _customTypeConstraints()
        Set the input port greater than or equal to BaseType.GENERAL in case backward type inference is enabled and the input port has no type declared.
        _customTypeConstraints in class TypedAtomicActor
        A set of inequalities.