Interface PortablePlaceable

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    ArrayPlotter, ArrayPlotterXY, BarGraph, ConstPlaceable, Display, DisplayAll, HistogramPlotter, MonitorValue, NonStrictDisplay, PetriNetDisplay, Plotter, PlotterBase, RealTimePlotter, SequencePlotter, SequenceScope, SketchedSource, TimedDisplay, TimedMonitorValue, TimedPlotter, TimedScope, XYPlotter, XYScope

    public interface PortablePlaceable
    This interface is analogous to the Placeable interface. However, this interface is platform independent, and it's expected that implementers of the interface are also platform independent. By platform independent, we mean there is no dependency on java.awt or java.swing packages that are specific to Java SE version of the Java and not available on Android, for example.

    It is an interface for objects that have UI components that can be placed in containers. These objects can be fairly tricky to write because of the fact that they might be placed in a control panel, or be expected to create their own container. Moreover, from one run to the next, this situation might change. That is, it might create a container on one run, but on the next run, place the display in specified container (like a control panel). Objects that implement this interface should pass the following tests:

    1. Run the model from the toolbar. The object creates a container.
    2. Close the container during the run. The run continues without the container.
    3. Move and resize the container during the run.
    4. Save the model and close it. Then open and re-run. Placement and size is preserved.
    5. Re-run the model from the toolbar. Move and resize is preserved.
    6. Run the model from the View:Run menu. If a frame is visible, it first gets closed.
    7. Close the run control panel and run from the toolbar. A frame is opened, using the last size and placement.
    8. Delete the actor. Frame should close, or display in the control panel should disappear.
    Ptolemy II 10.0
    Edward A. Lee Contributor: Anar Huseynov
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        void place​(PortableContainer container)
        Place the object that implements this interface into the specified container. Obviously, this method needs to be called before the object is actually placed in a container. Otherwise, the object will be expected to create its own frame into which to place itself. For actors, this method should be called before initialize().
        container - The container in which to place the object, or null to specify that there is no current container.