Class RunTableau

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Cloneable, Changeable, Debuggable, DebugListener, Derivable, Instantiable, ModelErrorHandler, MoMLExportable, Moveable, Nameable

    public class RunTableau
    extends Tableau
    A tableau that creates a new run control panel for a ptolemy model. This panel has controls for parameters of the top-level entity and its director, if any, a set of buttons to control execution of the model, and a panel displaying the placeable entities within the model.
    Ptolemy II 1.0
    Steve Neuendorffer and Edward A. Lee
    Red (neuendor)
    Red (neuendor)
    • Constructor Detail

      • RunTableau

        public RunTableau​(PtolemyEffigy container,
                          java.lang.String name)
                   throws IllegalActionException,
        Create a new run control panel for the model with the given effigy. The tableau is itself an entity contained by the effigy and having the specified name. The frame is not made visible automatically. You must call show() to make it visible.
        container - The containing effigy.
        name - The name of this tableau within the specified effigy.
        IllegalActionException - If the tableau is not acceptable to the specified container.
        NameDuplicationException - If the container already contains an entity with the specified name.