Package diva.graph

Class AbstractGraphModel

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    public abstract class AbstractGraphModel
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements GraphModel
    An abstract implementation of the GraphModel interface that provides the basic event notification system
    Steve Neuendorffer, Contributor Bert Rodiers
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      • AbstractGraphModel

        public AbstractGraphModel()
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      • addGraphListener

        public void addGraphListener​(GraphListener l)
        Add a graph listener to the model. Graph listeners are notified with a GraphEvent any time the graph is modified.
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        addGraphListener in interface GraphModel
      • dispatchGraphEvent

        public void dispatchGraphEvent​(GraphEvent e)
        Send an graph event to all of the graph listeners. This allows manual control of sending graph graph events, or allows the user to send a STRUCTURE_CHANGED after some inner-loop operations.

        This method furthermore ensures that all graph events are dispatched in the event thread.

        Specified by:
        dispatchGraphEvent in interface GraphModel
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      • removeGraphListener

        public void removeGraphListener​(GraphListener l)
        Remove the given listener from this graph model. The listener will no longer be notified of changes to the graph.
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        removeGraphListener in interface GraphModel
      • setDispatchEnabled

        public void setDispatchEnabled​(boolean val)
        Turn on/off all event dispatches from this graph model, for use in an inner-loop algorithm. When turning dispatch back on again, if the client has made changes that listeners should know about, he should create an appropriate STRUCTURE_CHANGED and dispatch it using the dispatchGraphEvent() method.
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        setDispatchEnabled in interface GraphModel
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