Class ConnectorManipulator

    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectorManipulator

        public ConnectorManipulator()
        Construct a new manipulator that uses rectangular grab-handles.
      • ConnectorManipulator

        public ConnectorManipulator​(GrabHandleFactory f)
        Construct a new manipulator using the given grab-handle factory.
    • Method Detail

      • addConnectorListener

        public void addConnectorListener​(ConnectorListener l)
        Add a connector listener to the interactor that is attached to grab-handles.
      • addLayerMotionListener

        public void addLayerMotionListener​(LayerMotionListener l)
        Add the given layer motion listener to this interactor. The listener will be invoked when the mouse moves into, around on, or out of a suitable target object.
      • getConnectorTarget

        public ConnectorTarget getConnectorTarget()
        Get the connector target
      • getHeadHandle

        public GrabHandle getHeadHandle()
        Get the head handle
      • getTailHandle

        public GrabHandle getTailHandle()
        Get the tail handle
      • getSnapHalo

        public double getSnapHalo()
        Get the snap halo.
      • getTargetHighlighter

        public LayerMotionListener getTargetHighlighter()
        Get the listener that highlights target objects.
      • newInstance

        public FigureDecorator newInstance​(Figure f)
        Create a new instance of this manipulator. The new instance will have the same grab handle, and interactor for grab-handles, as this one.
        Specified by:
        newInstance in class FigureDecorator
        f - The figure
        The new instance of the figure decorator.
      • removeConnectorListener

        public void removeConnectorListener​(ConnectorListener l)
        Remove a connector listener from the interactor that is attached to grab-handles.
      • removeLayerMotionListener

        public void removeLayerMotionListener​(LayerMotionListener l)
        Remove the given layer motion listener from this interactor.
      • refresh

        public void refresh()
        Refresh the geometry. Check that the sites that the handles are attached to are the same as the sites at the ends of the connector, and if not, fix them. This is needed because some clients might unnecessarily over-write the sites that a connector is already snapped to. If the grab-handles aren't re-attached accordingly, grabbing and moving them will cause unpredictable results.
        Specified by:
        refresh in class Manipulator
      • setChild

        public void setChild​(Figure f)
        Set the child figure. If we have any grab-handles, lose them. Then create the grab-handles on the ends of the connector.
        setChild in class FigureDecorator
        f - The child figure.
      • setConnectorTarget

        public void setConnectorTarget​(ConnectorTarget t)
        Set the connector target object
      • setSnapHalo

        public void setSnapHalo​(double halo)
        Set the snap halo. This is the distance from a target object that the connector will "snap" to it.
      • setTargetHighlighter

        public void setTargetHighlighter​(LayerMotionListener l)
        Set the listener that highlights target objects.
      • setTargetProperty

        public void setTargetProperty​(java.lang.String key,
                                      java.lang.String value)
        Set the drop target property and value. The interactor will make callbacks to the layer motion listeners while the mouse is over any figure which has an interactor with matching properties.
      • _createGrabHandles

        protected void _createGrabHandles​(Connector connector)
        Clear the current grab handles and create one for each of the head and tail sites. Subclasses may override this to create additional grab handles.
        connector - The connector.