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Getting started with this web site
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Now that I have an account, how do I get started with iCyPhy?
Christopher Brooks, 30 Mar 2014
Last updated: 15 Feb 2017

iCyPhy has a lot going on, below is a description of what to do to get started.

The iCyPhy website has members-only information, see How can I request a login account on this website?

The summary is:

Themes, Workgroups and Tasks

The iCyPhy website has one primary workgroup, named icyphy. Everyone with an account is a member of the icyphy workgroup and receives email from the icyphy list.

There are a few other mailing lists, see Mailing Lists for details.


Below are key publications:

See publications page for recent iCyPhy publications and publications by year.


Please consider subscribing to the icyphy Calendar.

Face to Face meetings are listed on the main page of the website

Status Reports

See Status Reports.


Meeting notes and presentations are available via wiki pages. The iCyPhy wiki is the most active wiki.