This wiki serves as a shared workspace for work on the design and implementation of accessors and accessor hosts. Please add to incomplete parts to help complete it.

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  1.   1.  Resources
  2.   2.  Accessor Specifications
  3.   3.  Accessor Hosts
  4.   4.  Modules and Accessors
  5.   5.  Use Cases
  6.   6.  Miscellaneous

1.  Resources

2.  Accessor Specifications

3.  Accessor Hosts

  • Production Accessor Hosts
    • Browser Host - runs in web browsers.
    • Cape Code Host - GUI to create composite accessors that can be run by other hosts. Can run models that contain Accessors and regular Ptolemy actors. Uses Java Nashorn.
      • Nashorn Host - runs only composite accessors, does not work with Ptolemy Java Actors.
    • Common Host - used by all the hosts.
    • Node Host - uses Node.js
  • Experimental Accessor Hosts

4.  Modules and Accessors

5.  Use Cases

6.  Miscellaneous

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