The Accessors Repository

The TerraSwarm accessors repository is an Apache Subversion (SVN) repository that is readable by anyone. Currently, affiliation with the iCyPhy Center is required to get write access (see Who can get a login?).

The repository includes a library of accessors, some swarmlet hosts (including a Browser and Node.js host), and the web page contents. It does not include the Cape Code swarmlet host (which uses its accessor library), nor the accessors wiki pages, which are used to document the accessor API and swarmlet hosts, nor the auto-generated JSDoc JavaScript code documentation.

For anonymous read-only access, you can check out the repository using the command line (assuming you have SVN installed):

	  svn co

For read-write access, you need a account, in which case you can check out a tree with:

	svn co

The JSDoc documentation files are updated by a Jenkins job (see JSDoc Continuous Integration). Note that Jenkins job is not world readable, but the details are world readable.

To update the web pages by hand, see How do I update workgroup pages using SVN?